One of the FCSS initiatives that have been enjoying some success since it was launched a few of years ago is the Community Development Project which is an intitiative to improve the communities appearance and provide better facilities through volunteer involvement by the community members. In the communitites of Stand-off and Moses Lake, trees were planted and sidewalks constructed with the support of Blood Tribe Works Department and Planning. There was a Ball Diamond and track constructed at Levern. The Community Development initiative also worked for the social improvement of Kainai members, by providing more activities such as an annual Field Day at Stand-off and Levern. They hosted the annual Kainai Indian Days at Red Crow Park which was also a great success. Probably one of the biggest events that happens on the Blood Reserve, and attended by hundreds of visitors each year. The annual Pow-Wow has become one of the largest in Alberta and was featured in the film production "Dreamkeeper" a year earlier.


By planning and coordinating programs, workshops and forums that address all aspects of community development.


To establish methods of coordinating and developing community based programs.

To promote outreach services to individuals on acquiring information.

To prepare forums for elections for community representatives.

To recruit, train and utilize volunteers.

To develop programs for staff facilities, and communities.