Administration maintains a thorough working knowledge of Family & Community Support Services that performs important roles and responsibilities involving human relations. The primary emphasis is on coordinating the programs, personnel, and administering policy and procedure to improve a positive and professional atmosphere. Protocol deals with a variety of concerns, rules of proper office etiquette, diplomacy, and communication. The goal is to perform and administer executive duties. Front-line workers or clerical staff support the process of management that are responsible for setting up and maintaing the business office according to Blood Tribe Policy & Procedure.


By establishing an effective and efficient service delivery system conductive to
the Blood Tribe’s Family and Community Support Services.


To enforce Blood Tribe Administrative and Family and Community Support Services
Policies and Procedures.

To ensure coordination of staff involvement in accordance to services structure.

To ensure on-going staff and programs evaluation occurs for the purpose of ensuring FCSS’s vision and goals and objectives are maintained.

Dissemination of information pertinent to Blood Tribe FCSS program.

Provide on-going support in management.